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The National Pre-Retirement Summit

The National Pre-Retirement Summit is a pioneering and strategic initiative dedicated to addressing the challenges and the prospects prevalent at retirement in Nigeria. The 2-day summit will convene stakeholders across the labour value chain including employees who have up to five years or less to retirement, the private, public and corporate sector; financial institutions, labor union and civil society organizations. The primary purpose is to meticulously examine retirement policies in Nigeria, the challenges and anxieties that prospective retirees face, propose policy directions, provide a platform to sensitize and empower prospective retirees with retirement income generation strategies, and promote opportunities that offers sustainable retirement plan and lifestyle.

The National Pre-Retirement Summit will provide an inclusive and veritable platform for stakeholders to discuss and engage on a retirement policy direction that promotes the interests of retirees, empowers them with the right tools and resources to thrive post retirement, delves into the critical issues affecting retirees in Nigeria, and provides opportunities that promote sustainable living at retirement. Its core mission is to enhance retirement security, foster financial sustainability, and boost the overall well being of retirees in Nigeria.

Date: 10th and 11th July, 2024
Location: Abuja Continental Hotel (Former Sheraton)
1 Ladi Kwali Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, Nigeria
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Target Audience

The 2024 National Pre-retirement Summit is open to all Nigerian workers from both the public and private sectors, especially workers with 0-5 years to retirement.

Summit Objectives

  • To propose policy directions that assuages the anxieties and challenges confronting retirees in Nigeria.
  • To discuss and promote a comprehensive, competitive pension reform that align with global best practices.
  • To explore options and opportunities for growing pension investments in Nigeria.
  • To promote the participation of international development organizations and civil society in government driven initiatives for retirees.
  • To promote skills and opportunities that empower retirees to venture into entrepreneurship and business.
  • To provide a clear roadmap for effective career transition and retirement planning.
  • To recognize and reward institutions with proven strong retirement policies and programs.

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