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XEM vision

Our Vision

To become the leading brand in consultancy services in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative services and outstanding results, ensure seamless business integration, increase competitive advantage, and explore global opportunities beyond expectations.

The YGL Mentorship Program is designed for young people from the age of 8-15yrs. The mentorship program aims to equip young people with basic life and social skills that caters to their psychological & emotional needs, as well as society’s expectation of them. The mentorship program imbibes young people with vital life-long beneficial skills such as

  • Organizational skills to help them with responsible decision making, prioritizing, time management etc.
  • Cognitive and Analytic skills to help them with their education pursuit
  • Domestic skills to improve their quality of life and address the associated lack of independence observed among young people
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills to help young people with communication and expressing their unique identity.
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