XEM Consultants Ltd

Our Services

We provide a range of business, developmental, advisory, and educational services tailored to offer solutions to a business’s unique needs.

Innovative strategies that transforms.

“Consulting, Business development, Project Management, Coaching, Education and Research, Business Advisory”

Managing Director/CEO

Business Development

Our Business Development services help companies identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine strategic solutions. We assist in initiating projects, sourcing opportunities, conducting special research and helping companies in promotion, procurement, sales representation and in promoting local and international businesses, and facilitate partnerships and collaboration

Below are our current business development offerings:

  • Business Models and Strategies
  • Business Branding and Promotion
  • Market Distribution and Product Development
  • Sourcing and Securing Investments
  • Human Resource Sourcing and Management
  • Public Relations Services
  • Tech Support Services
  • Travel Consultancy Services
  • Rapporteur and Translation Services
  • Company Registration and Administrative Support
  • Manage Overseas Call Center
  • Special Research
  • Export Promotion
  • Design and Printing Services
  • Event Planning and Management

Project Management & Promotion

Our Project Management and Promotion (PMP) services help Institutions and Organizations both in Public and Private Sectors Plan, Track and Monitor Projects, Control Project processes and Promote Projects. In addition, our PMP service ensures specific deliverables are achieved and followed to completion.

Below are our current business management & promotion packages:

  • Project Planning and Control
  • Project Documentation and Promotion
  • Project Advisory
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data Collection and Collation
  • Data Management and Business Analytics
  • Operational Efficiency/Process Improvement
  • Stakeholders Engagement and Management
  • Foreign Partnership Sourcing and Facilitation
  • High Level and Bilateral Exchanges
  • IT, Legacy and Application Modernization
  • Third Party Over-Site
  • Trade & Investment Dispatch
  • Consultation for Asia Market

Educational & Training

In today’s climate, education is key. Millions of people are upscaling their lives and stepping into new opportunities by investing in themselves and their employees. Our expertise in education, training and development stretches across corporate education, traditional education, skills acquisition, technical and vocational training and overseas exchanges, etc. We are driven by the Passion to build global best competencies in every Nigerian, Private and Government owned institutions. 

Our Education & Training services include:

  • Training and Development Programs
  • Overseas Training and Workshop
  • Educational Exchanges & Facilitation
  • Study Tour and Technical Tours
  • Management Development
  • Facilitation of Workshop, Conference, and Symposium
  • Overseas Scholarship Programs
  • Technical, Vocational and Education Trainings
  • Foreign Aid Training and Technology Exchange
  • Development of Online and Offline Courses
  • Education Exchanges and Facilitation
  • Education Tourism

Our Delivery Centres

We deliver our services through our 3-high-end Delivery Centres

Our Advantages

  • Consultants with over 20 years relevant industry experience
  • Partners to high rated global institutions
  • CMD Accredited Training Institution
  • ISO 9001- 2015 Certified
  • Chartered Management Consultants – CIMC, Canada
  • Access to over 50+ first class rated Universities & Training Hubs in Africa & Asia
  • Information support desk for overseas partners
  • Foreign-aid training and scholarships
  • Infrastructure development & exchange facilitation
  • Trade & investment consultation for China market
  • Visa support services for international engagements
  • International offices – China, Germany & SA