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A One-Day Course

The Intensive one-day Basic Entrepreneurship and Pre-Retirement Course is designed to help public servants, other working class professionals and individuals who have the passion, but lack sufficient knowledge to start their own business to effectively prepare and plan for life at Retirement or explore Entrepreneurship as alternative source of income.

The course is specially curated from our experience and expertise in teaching, preparing, and mentoring retirees in the last one decade, and has been compressed into a one day course – Entrepreneurship and Pre-Retirement Toolkit.

participants will learn and leverage on our wealth of experience in pre-retirement planning, entrepreneurship, business development, and investment advisory to build their business skills or venture into any identified business of choice.

At the end of the course, participants will be mentally prepared with sound knowledge of business engagements, operations and management, and equipped with the most innovative strategies to navigate business climate in Nigeria while looking forward to retirement.


Strengths and Expertise

Be able to identify specific areas of strengths, expertise and interest which will help them plan for a successful business to do at retirement.


Learn the strategies involved in starting and managing a business

Survival and Growth (SME's)

Be equipped with practical and proven strategies that ensure the survival and growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Low Capital High Return Investment

Develop the knowledge of identifying low capital with high returns investments

Sustainable Life at Retirement

Gain the necessary support to plan and build a sustainable life at retirement.

10 Principles

Master the 10 basic principles for retiring in wealth and health.


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